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    Switch: Fire Emblem: Three Houses takes a closer look at some interesting mechanics

    A new video surfaces with more information relating to Fire Emblem: Three Houses by Nintendo, Intelligent systems and Koei Tecmo. Showing off some of the new tactics in action.

    Gambits: Empire Cavalry Knights- ‘Blaze’ Gambit

    Using a carriage filled with barrels to cause damage and sets the surrounding area on fire.

    Seiros Saints

    Healing the HP of allies in an area of effect using the ‘Resonant White Magic’ Gambit.


    Canto (Cavaliers)

    Allowing cavaliers to move after performing actions such as an attack.

    Divine Pulse

    Sothis’ power allows Byleth to turn back time before an action is made to revert back certain battle choices.

    E3 2019 also showcased new 29-minute video recently

    Showing Byleth, our avatar of the game as he/she enrols as a teacher of the Officer’s Academy at the Garreg Mach Monastery.
    With choices that change the game story depending who you teach more or spend time more/bond (affecting the battle as well), re-class characters via exams, set skills goals for each student, fast travel, dual voice options, strategically maintain durability of weapons, beautiful battle animations, including cooking, fishing and more

    The art of war is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2019. If you have missed out, check out below trailer as well.

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