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    E3 @ 2019- Astral Chain

    Showcasing in-depth gameplay mechanics, publisher Nintendo and developer Platinum Games show the power of Legions in combat for their upcoming game Astral Chain at E3 2019 via 2 live stream gameplay videos.

    Among what was revealed;

    • Character creation
    • Background story
    • Skill tree
    • Cyberpunk bike fight/chase scene
    • Attack enemy from behind will allow critical damage popping up as yellow text
    • Exploration of headquarters Neuron and city
    • Control your legion via ZL button via an attached chain
    • The chain can be used to subdue citizens, get red matter in environments tainted with it, hack CCTV’s and close dimensional rifts gate
    • You can enter Rift Gates as means for a challenge mode, story and puzzle elements
    • Linking the chain with combos, bind or throw to your enemies mid attack/defence
      Chain her up for combos!
    • Using police investigative approach via holographic playback via Iris placed in your eyes, hunt for trails of red matter to track chimaeras and use legion to listen to conversations without being seen
    • There are five types of Legions from Sword, Arrow, Beast, Arm, to Axe with its own appearance and play-style
    • Learn and utilize all Legion benefits as the combat can be quite challenging especially the bosses
    • You are able to summon 2 legions at once midst combat
    • Linking combo’s is available midst combat while pressing the corresponding button as your character shines which is also called sync attack
    • Finish off enemies is available
    • A minor hiccup on the camera as the action gets closer to the walls



    Do some police work in style

    Not only are you solving cases, but you are also using Legion, a living sentient weapon attached/tethered to the player with “synergetic action” whereby players will work with their Legions to fight off otherworldly monsters.

    Astral Chain will be chaining its way into stores this coming August 30, 2019.
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