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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC and version 3.0 update

    Nintendo has released Joker from Persona 5 as a downloadable content character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the “Challenger Pack No. 1” on April 17, 2019 (priced at $4.99/20.64 MYR) with their new 3.0 update. Check out the trailer below called “The Masked Rebel”:



    Below is a 15-minute video of the new content:



    “Challenger Pack No. 1” featured contents are as below:

    • Joker as playable (deflect and reflect attacks)
    • Mementos Stage (changes colour based on tracks played)
    • New music tracks from previous Persona series from 3-5
    • Joker Route as Classic Mode
    • Special version Spirit Board

    “Extra Mii Fighter Costumes – Round 1” DLC feature content for $0.75/3.10MYR each includes:

    • Morgana Hat
    • Persona 3 and 4 protagonist wielding a sword
    • Teddie Hat
    • Knuckles (Brawler) and Tails (Gunner) from Sonic the Hedgehog

    Version 3.0 updates include:

    • Stage Builder, creating your own stages on the go
    • Video Editor is available
    • Shared content
    • Smash World service on Nintendo Switch Online app, supporting voice chat, view recommended videos and stages

    The contents are now available to purchase and download.


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