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    Subnautica- Diving into PS4

    Subnautica by developer Unknown Worlds has been announced for the PlayStation 4, the game will be launched at the end of 2018, the game is already available for Xbox one and PC. This is a first person open world survival game starting off when your space shuttle crashed into an unknown aquatic alien planet.

    Equipped with only a hunting knife and an escape pod, the game challenges your survival aspects to scavenge food, water and oxygen while dive venture into this unknown yet terrifying beautiful world. Unknown dangerous marine creatures both big and small will lurk about, try to be attentive to both sight and sounds.

    Crafting tools and bigger submarine like machines in order to dive deeper seems to be a main core aspects of the game. Additionally being submerged, stealth is also key to survival in this game, without alerting any bigger predators patrolling nearby.


    Expect this is be in your library by end of this year.

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