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    Story trailer for the upcoming Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

    The story unfolds for Prince Selius in a form of a new trailer of Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, presented by Developer Frozenbyte and publisher Modus Games.

    The return of the trio to stop Prince Selius

    Zoya the Thief, Amadeus the Wizard, and Pontius the Knight reunited once more to stop an overzealous young prince from achieving his overambitious dream to wield magic; only to curse his kingdom surrounding it with shadowy creatures beyond his control. Prince Selius very ability to make any nightmare come true leaving less time for the trio to stop him. As Prince Selius dreams turn darker, his spells will grow even more dangerous to him and to his kingdom.

    Embark and work together as one of the trios in this wonderful fairytale charm of insightful co-op puzzles and features:

    • Revamped combat system.
    • An expansive skill tree to make players feel more invested in their own hero.
    • Puzzles changes depending on the number of players present in the group, to make sure that the gameplay is as exciting as even playing it solo.

    Be the one to hopefully stop the prince this coming October 8, 2019, for Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. At the same time, Trine: Ultimate Collection will be available with all it’s 4 Trine titles.

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