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    Enter the art of shadow puzzle platformer, Projection: First Light

    As part of a launch of the new iPhone Subscription Service Apple Arcade, puzzle-platformer Projection: First Light has been announced and released by developer Shadowplay Studios and publisher Blowfish Studios. Shedding new light in its unique take on the illumination manipulation puzzle-platforming, check the trailer out below:

    Step into a world of shadows and self-discovery

    As a young girl Greta, you are to embark into a barrier-breaking journey of self-enlightenment through China, Indonesia, Turkey, and Victorian England, each with their own distinctive culture and era of shadow puppetry.

    Literally by enlightenment, she soon discovers the power to wield light itself, paving new way unlocking paths previously blocked by the shadows. Encountering and even overcoming puzzling barriers and outwit her enemies, with a gaming mechanic that allows multiple traversal options and solution to puzzles.

    The unique visuals will be accompanied by an enthralling soundtrack of antique instruments from various time periods and cultures.

    Projection: First Light reflects a rich history of the art of shadow puppetry and harnessing lightning as a core element of the game has allowed us to create a truly unique platformer,”
    Michael Chu, founder of Shadowplay Studios


    Projection: First Light has been released recently for iOS via Apple Arcade subscription service, following up with other consoles such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions later in 2020.

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