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    Mobile : Star Ocean – Anamnesis [ Free for iOS & Android ]

    STAR OCEAN fans assembleee! The popular Star Ocean series mark its return with the launching of Star Ocean – Anamnesis, the game is now available on the North American Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, Anamnesis is available in both Japanese and English. The game features the artwork of artist Akira “Akiman” Yasuda who is famous for his work in Star Ocean 5 and Street Fighter. The work of Motoi Sakuraba, the musician responsible for Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile and the ‘Tales” series will also feature in Anamnesis.

    New Features

    Anamnesis give players freedom on how they want to build their squad, choosing from attackers, sharpshooters, defenders, invokers and healers in the new multiplayer co-op system that supports up to 4 players.


    Players who download the game now would receive a generous Pre-Registration rewards and gain from the daily login bonuses. This limited time event last until September 3, 2018.

    • Pre-Registration Reward – Following a large number of fans who took part in the pre-registration campaign, all players who log into the game before September 3, 2018, will receive a generous reward of 5,000 in-game Gems, a valuable in-game currency, Faize, a 5-star unit, and other generous rewards.
    • Special Login Campaign – July 10 – August 7, 2018, players will be treated to generous login rewards in addition to daily bonuses, including a Weapon Ticket that guarantees at least one 5-star weapon, Gems, and more.


    Star Ocean Anamnesis is developed by Tri-Ace and published by Square Enix. The game is now available for download on iOS’s App Store and Android’s Google Play.

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