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    Skullbot Games’ Gone Viral V1.0 Now Available!

    Akupara Games announces four significant developments, one of which being the hack n’ slash physics-based roguelite Gone Viral coming out of early access for a full-fledged release. Just launched during the inaugural The Indie Houses event, Gone Viral retails for $24.99 USD with a 30% discount until September 7th.

    Gone Viral explores a mutant post-apocalyptic society that so glorifies violence and social media that the ultimate hybrid of the two has become the cornerstone of their entertainment – the most brutal game show ever devised. And you? You’re a newly-captured “contestant” on Gone Viral using every bit of skill to fight for your life – and likes. Slay with skill and win over Fans – who airdrop badass upgrades and mutations to evolve your gameplay on the fly.

    Alongside Gone Viral, developer Henry’s House announced their second partnership with Akupara Games to bring their local game store management sim, Kardboard Kings, to PC storefronts. You’ve been put in the shoes of a new card shop owner just beginning to cut their teeth into the popular “Warlock” trading card game.

    Buy, trade and sell various cards that rise and fall in value while also trying to help the locals raise their game to solidify your store’s reputation in the scene.

    Additionally, Irish developer Spooky Doorway revealed their brand new DLC expansion for The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark. These three bonus cases follow Officer Dooley and Detective McQueen on their continued quest to preserve the peace in Twin Lakes and will be released for free to all owners of the game across all platforms.


    Closing out the event, the kaleidoscopic speedrunner’s delight, Spinch, announced a remixed mixtape version of its original soundtrack, featuring the chiptune, circuit-bent tracks from Thesis Shahib and vocals from famous underground rap artists like Mega Ran, Wordburgler and Dreamsters Union. It will be released to both digital storefronts and physical cassettes – more details and dates to come.

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