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    A Major Improvement for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.

    Monolith has release a major update with “hundreds of other improvements” for Middle-earth: Shadow of War after listening to and reading recommendations and criticisms from the community.

    Below are some of the highlights for the game. For full patch note click here.

    Market Removed
    With market and micro-transactions removed from the game, the Orc players recruited through Online and Ranked Conquest will now be stored in Garrison.
    With the removal of micro-transactions, the in game currency, Mirian, can now be used to train upgrade Orcs.

    Polished Campaign
    Post-campaign has been streamlined and polished to include additional dialogues from Shelob, the Witch-king and Dark Talion.
    Victory in Epilogue rewards the player with Masks of the Nazgul, which grants new powerful abilities such as raise dead, summon elemental or curse.
    Player can now continue upgrading and defending fortresses even after credit rolls.

    More Power
    Level cap increased to 80, leveling can be faster with in game XP rewards, defeating Captains and Online Conquests.
    New Prestige Skills added into the game which allow players to customize build and each prestige skills can be purchase multiple times.

    New Skins
    Players now can choose to appear as Celebrimbor or Dark Eltariel.

    Nemesis System
    Training Order can now be applied to followers even if they are in a mission. The “Disable Saviors” option has been added to those who feel no need for followers to assist in battle.

    Monolith (finally) released the game demo which includes all the latest updates. Middle-earth: Shadow of War Demo is now available on the PS4.

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