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    Room Of Realities – Where Escape Rooms Meet VR

    Gamedust and Bluekey studio present the latest trailer for Rooms of Realities, a VR game inspired by escape rooms. The developers confirm that the game will be released in 2023.

    So far, developers have announced escape rooms set in an abandoned hospital and inside an Egyptian pyramid. In the trailer, players find out that the game will also allow them to dive into the deep ocean onboard an abandoned submarine inspired by the novel by Jules Verne and his “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas“. The submarine will be filled with puzzles, and solving them will bring players closer to the hidden treasure.

    About Rooms of Realities:

    Rooms of Realities will allow you to experience a variety of escape rooms, with different levels of difficulty. The search for the key or secret code will be possible to attempt, both playing alone or experiencing an engaging adventure together with friends in cooperative mode.

    VR technology will take the gameplay experience to a higher level and allow players to experience all the adventures even more intensively. Demonstrating perceptiveness and cleverness will give players even more satisfaction.

    The game is intended to be a game for people of all ages. Attempts to get out of the room will take place in a friendly and clear setting, so even a seemingly disturbing place will positively stimulate brain-cell workouts.

    Main features of Rooms of Realities:

    • Experience the game in multiplayer co-op mode and solo mode,
    • Solving environmental puzzles based on fact matching is perfect for a VR environment,
    • A varied universe of escape rooms will take you to Egypt, underwater abysses, or an abandoned hospital, among others.
    • Friendly setting, where seemingly scary places become places that every player can enjoy.
    • Real-life escape rooms will be brought into the virtual world of the game, along with their scenarios.

    Rooms of Realities is being developed for VR platforms. The game is expected to release in 2023.

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