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    Rocket League now has cross-play on PlayStation 4

    It was not long ago that PlayStation decided to try playing nice with other systems with their Cross-Play Beta program. Now, Rocket League will be joining the same program to allow car football (or soccer) fans to test their skills against other platforms. This was announced in a PlayStation Blog Post by Jeremy Dunham, Vice President of Publishing in Phyonix. This will allow players from PlayStation 4 to matchmake with players from Xbox One, Steam PC, and Nintendo Switch in all the online matches.

    PlayStation 4 users are reminded to turn on Cross-Play by going to the Menu > Options > Make sure Cross-Platform Play is checked.

    Please take note that the certain features in the cross-play are still not yet available for online matchmaking. Players who would like to play with a cross-platform party has to use the Private Match function. A full cross-platform party system will be released in the first patch coming in 2019.

    Rocket League is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam PC.

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