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    Square Enix reveals more info on Left Alive

    Square Enix has released a new trailer “The Garmoniyan Invasion” for Left Alive and revealed several new information regarding in game new characters and game features.

    Andrey Lukyanovich Borodin

    An officer of the Garmoniyan army. He was Olga’s superior when she was still a soldier. Although he capitalizes on the chaos of war to act on his own in the shadows, such as to kill Dr. Lavrov, who was a suspect in the string of missing persons cases, his objective is unknown. He has a strong attachment to his former subordinate Olga, and after he unexpectedly runs into her, he begins to persistently pursue her.

    Julia Pavlovna Sminova
    An orphan girl that wanders the streets of Novo Slava. Her parents were killed in the riots that accompanied the liberation movement by citizens of Novo Slava calling for the nation’s secession from the Garmoniya Republic. After, she was taken in by a children’s welfare facility called “Family Equality.” For some reason, she refuses Olga’s protection and wanders off onto the battlefield.

    Zhelaniye P3 (Wanzer)
    A Dmitry Corporation-made Wanzer. A large number of these have been deployed to the Republic of Zaftra and its neighboring countries. The top of its body is flat, and it can be used to carry accompanying infantry. It is also equipped with ambitious concepts such as a leg transformation feature that enables it to decrease its height and minimize its frontal projected area.

    Online Features
    By connecting online, you can switch the map over to “Heat Map Display,” which can be used to see where other players have died. Assuming that places where other players died are dangerous, you can travel safely avoid on those areas. While playing online, a fixed number of “war dead bodies” will appear in places where other players died. The war dead bodies can be loot, and is up to you decide to either look for items regardless of the danger it might present or avoid that area entirely is up to you. Make that call based on your progression through the stage, and the materials and items you have on-hand.

    In Left Alive, there is a “New Game+” mode in which you restart the game from Chapter 01 with various strengthened abilities. Elements that can be strengthened are limited since they can be redeemed for points, but by gradually playing through the game multiple times, you should be able to expand your strategies for clearing each stage and more easily handle sub-quests you could not clear in previous playthroughs.

    In the Database, you can view various information, including details on the characters and world. This also includes background that might not be told in the main story, as well as information that Front Mission fans should be acquainted with.

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