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    Raw Fury’s Gamescom 2023 Line-Up

    Raw Fury has announced the full list of titles it will be showcasing at this year’s Gamescom. From August 23rd-25th at Raw Fury’s booth (Hall 2.2, Aisle C-030), attendees will be able to experience hands-on demos for several games in Raw Fury’s current and upcoming publishing line-up.


    Red Soul Games’ Post Trauma is an ambitious, modern take on classic retro horror games, blending classic fixed camera angles and gameplay mechanics with realistic visuals and intense soundscapes. Awakening alone in a hostile place, you’ll need to solve mind-bending puzzles, gathering information by exploring your unsettling surroundings, to find a way home.

    Gamescom attendees can check out a playable demo of one of the game’s early chapters, set in a mysterious hospital, offering a gripping vertical slice of its major gameplay mechanics.


    The latest standalone entry in the award-winning single-player micro-strategy series, Kingdom Eighties draws inspiration from the neon lights and summertime nostalgia of the ‘80s to deliver an exciting new adventure. Recruit neighborhood kids, assign them roles, and expand and fortify your kingdom to defend against the overwhelming threat of the Greed.

    Attendees can check out a hands-on demo for the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of Kingdom Eighties, featuring the game’s second level.


    Live your best possum life in Cosy Computer’s Pizza Possum, the bite-sized, all-you-can-eat arcade game where you’ve gotta eat as much food as you can without getting caught!

    Experience adorable hide-and-seek action as you scamper around a picturesque seaside town, causing unruly marsupial chaos, evading guards, and risking it all for every crumb!

    Guests can play Pizza Possum’s single-player and local co-op demo at Gamescom.


    The developers at bippinbits will be at Gamescom to show off a first look at the new upcoming multiplayer mode for Dome Keeper, the hit rogue-lite survival mining game. Fans will be able to play Dome Keeper in local multiplayer at the Indie Arena.


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