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    Sexay again!- Kill La Kill second gameplay trailer

    Based on the previous announcement on the game, link. Check out this new trailer with the gameplay footage!


    Similar to the last video, both main characters Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin are still fighting for that glory. But with Satsuki Kiryuin throwing down a charge up attack, referred to as “Ketsui” (press L1+R1). When the Ketsui mode is initiated during battle, it triggers a ‘rock – paper – scissors’ mechanics, portrayed as “Provoke, Taunt, and Mock”; each with its own benefits if successfully triggered :

    • Provoke-Sp Gauge Recovery
    • Taunt– Additional Damage
    • Mock– Additional damage and life recovery

    No release date was announced yet for the PlayStation 4. The game is still a work in progress (wip).


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