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    Marvel’s Spider-Man- Combat facts trailer

    A new trailer came up relating to Marvel’s Spider-Man game with a few in-depth looks at the combat skills. This trailer is funny because it is narrated by Daily Bugle editor in- chief J.Jonas Jameson, complaining about Spider-Man’s abilities and skills.


    “He doesn’t want to be famous? Then I’ll make him infamous!”

    A few added skills were featured in this trailer:

      • tie a foe’s hands and strangle him out (ok that’s cool) in the midst of fighting
      • He used a move called head scissors takedown ( usually used by small-sized Mexican wrestler ), which locks the foes head with both legs, using your upper body to create a momentum; ending it with a slam like the gif below
      • He uses some kind of a sonic pulse attack from his suit, pushing surrounding enemies to a knockdown
      • He multiplies himself in holographic duplicates to confused enemies while fighting like this guy below
      • spiderkagebunshin~
      • Other than trip mines, there is another gadget called spider-drone, which is basically a drone flying around and shoot foes with electric shots
      • a web bomb, which is a bomb that shoots out webs in mass, trapping your foes around
      • an actual minigame of spiderman making the gadgets, via electronic based puzzle
    Tony would be so proud

    A reminder that this game will be out on September 7, 2018, for PlayStation 4. It’s very soon, check out this link for preorders spiderman suit bonuses.

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