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    Dusk Diver coming to PlayStation 4 and Switch

    An anime style beat em up action Dusk Diver by Taiwanese publisher JFi Games and developer JERA Game Studio will be diving onto both PlayStation 4 and Switch with added Chinese and Japanese audio. Also added are optional Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese and Korean subtitles confirmed by global publisher Justdan International. Here is the game play trailer below sample provided by Dante Nintendo Switch World.

    Theme Song Trailer


    Combat Gameplay Trailer


    Key Features and Battle System

    • The game will consist of 2 dimensions, set in realistic Ximending street (Taipei) on both surface and inner worlds
    • Use light and heavy attacks to combo up, summon and cast guardians ultimate to effectively clear your foes
    • Combo up with individual combat chain for a more diverse combat


    Currently released on Steam as early access, Dusk Diver will be diving onto the PlayStation 4 and Switch this coming Fall 2019. For more on our previous coverage, click on the link below:

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