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    Mary Skelter 2 has been announced for Western release

    First launched for the PS4 back in July 2018, 3D dungeon crawler RPG Mary Skelter 2 will also be crawling its way to North America and Europe via Nintendo eShop as announced by publisher Idea Factory International. Not only will the first game be included but the English audio and subtitles with optional Japanese audio will be too. Here is the gameplay trailer courtesy by Blazzer Sora.


    It is set in an alternate reality

    Although it includes some familiar characters from the first game, get ready to face madness as you try to escape this prison dungeon using Nightmare powers. With each jail has 3 desires to feed upon for bonuses but otherwise will end in a “Nightmare Hunt” mode where the Nightmare chases you in real time.

    Currently, both the English and Japanese version has no release date yet but we do hope more will be announced soon.

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