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    Overwatch 2 First Year Anniversary Brings Back Game Modes and Fan Favorite Skins

    Blizzard Entertainment has announced that there will be an event for Overwatch 2 to celebrate the game’s 1st year anniversary. For three weeks, players will be able to play returning modes from past events throughout the year in the Arcade, chances to earn Overwatch Credits, which can then be used to spend on skins in a limited-time Anniversary Shop.

    Week 1 – Winter Wonderland and Battle for Olympus

    The first week brings back the cold Winter Wonderland event game modes. Join in snowball fights with Mei’s Snowball Offense available in both Elimination and Deathmatch versions. Go 1vs5 in Yeti Hunt or the Flash Freeze Elimination game mode all coming back.


    Feel godlike with the return of Battle for Olympus with both Free-For-All Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch game modes. Battle for Olympus features eight heroes who have been buffed with god-like ultimates to create a frenzied battle that will rock the heavens.

    Week 2 – Assault, Catch-a-Mari, and Starwatch: Galactic Rescue


    It’s a blast from the past! Classic Overwatch Assault maps are back to play in the Arcade. Assault maps require teams to either capture or defend two static objective points. Often considered the most challenging to play because of intense and long team fights, you’ve got to have exceptional coordination and teamwork to win. Do you think you have what it takes to cap both points?

    We’re also bringing back the chaotic fun of Catch-A-Mari, our elimination-confirm style game mode where you pick up the Pachimari toys dropped from defeated opponents to score points for your team and win. Plus, save the galaxy with the return of Starwatch: Galactic Rescue. In Starwatch, a team of Watchers (attackers) work to liberate 3CH-O (played by Echo) from the clutches of the Infinite Empire (defenders) in a four-objective point map.

    Week 3 – Summer Games and Mischief & Magic

    In the third and final week of the Anniversary event, break out the sunscreen and hit the beach with the comeback of your favourite Summer Games event modes, including fan favourites like Lúcioball, and Winston’s Beach Volleyball.


    We’re also bringing back Mischief & Magic, the prop hunt style game mode, where Knight Genji chases down the mischievous Rogue Kiriko as she transforms and hides as everyday objects.

    Overwatch 2 First Anniversary Event is now live and will end on 9th October with the limited-time shop closing on 16th October.

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