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    Time to put your might test at Naraka: Bladepoint’s Bloodsport

    Naraka: Bladepoint will be releasing its brand new game mode, Bloodsport. Taking inspiration from the movie of the same name, Bloodsport will see contestants taking it out one another in a 1v1 fashion with only melee combat.

    16 contestants will join in and each will take their turns for each duel. In order to reach the finals, contestants will have to win every match. Think you got what it takes to get there?

    While that sounds simple there is however a catch. All contestants are not allowed to use the same hero or weapon which they have picked from the previous round. Each round will have a time limit of 75 seconds.

    There will be increased melee resistances so fights will last slightly longer and giving more chances for last-minute comebacks. Ultimates will also be disabled so no pulling off one-shot moves.

    Bloodsport mode is available now.

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