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    Mobile : Pokemon GO – Lucky Pokemons update goes live!


    Professor Willow has found new findings suggesting that Pokemon can take on new traits if traded; changing it into a sparkly lucky Pokemon! Here are the following changes:

    • Lucky Pokemon requires less Stardust to level up; reaching faster CP (combat power) faster than normal Pokemons
    • A lucky Pokemon can be detected via Pokedex
    • The longer a Pokemon stays in storage, the higher chance they change to lucky Pokemon when traded
    • Background of the lucky Pokemon will be sparkly and golden different
    • you feel lucky today?
    • Trainers can now register each other as friends by exchanging numerical friend codes.
    • Once registered, they can then send Gifts or trade Pokemon to other trainers on their friends list.
    • A Legendary Pokemon, Registeel, has recently made an appearance. Trainers will encounter this Legendary Steel-type in Raid Battles lasting till August 21, 2018.
    • Feel my steel
    • Niantic (Developer) recently shared details for the game’s community day event involving Eevee which takes place on August 11 and 12, 2018 (Mark your calender down)


    Additionally trainers who send Gifts to friends will now receive XP for doing so and includes a chance of containing Stardust!


    Stay safe, and happy exploring Trainers!

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