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    Play as Quiet! In the new Metal Gear Solid 5 update.

    The latest Metal Gear Solid 5 patch makes “Quiet” playable in FOB missions for the first time after nearly 3 years since the game’s launch. She is a master Sniper who is able to take shots with minimal scope shaking but sadly, there won’t be any customizable options for her head and uniform. Quiet’s extremely fast movement speed and unique dash will make closing distance between enemies a breeze. If the player stays still for a certain amount of time, Quiet will enter a stealth mode to help sneak around the base. Here are some pictures from the official announcement page.

    The patch also brings the following new Online Development items:

    • Renov-Ickx bis Sniper Rifle
    • Renov-Ickx bis Sniper Rifle (Non-Lethal)
    • Dark Matter Generator
    • Stun Dark Matter Generator
    • Energy Wall

    A new difficulty (Hard) is added in this patch under Event FOB. Players will be able to earn more event points from the event and the revenge system will be disabled. So this means players can steal materials and abduct staff without worries!


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