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    Mobile : Warning: This is Clickbait (of a fish tapping nature.)

    Announcing “Clickbait: Tap To Fish”; a new idle clicker mobile game launching on AppStores October 11th, 2018.

    Clickbait: Tap To Fish is a cosy angling idle game – starting with simple taps, you’ll soon be overseeing automated fishing systems, acquiring new perks, unlocking crazy fishing contraptions, progressing through to bigger and bigger lakes. The game differs from most idle games by employing a puzzle element in the way players progress through ever larger lakes – strategic thinking and planning will optimise players progression through routes.

    Lead Designer, Juha-Matti Pulkkinen explains: “Clickbait: Tap to Fish aptly comes from the country also known as The Land of a Thousand Lakes; Finland. The fishing and lakes we’re surrounded by has strongly influenced the game’s theme, mechanics and tools, which we’ve combined with puzzle elements to create a novel twist on the idle genre.”

    Here is a 30-second trailer of the game in action:


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