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    Disney Epic Quest: First Disney Mobile game for the South East Asia

    goGame in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia has announced Disney Epic Quest at Gamestart 2018 to any Disney or Pixar fans out there.


    A mobile way to play…

    Disney Epic Quest is an Action RPG game with a simple premise, make a favorite team comprising of your favorite characters from Disney and Pixar and defeat a virus infecting your Kingdom. Expect colorful, vibrant and popular characters to make an appearance from well-known movies such as Wreck-It-Ralph, Mickey Mouse, all the way to Big Hero 6.

    Did I mention simple? here are the following features presented the trailer above:

    • Hack and slash combat or just wreck it like Ralph (Hehe)
    • Learn and obtain skills
    • Recruit to form your squad of characters
    • Customizable skins and gears exclusive to this game alone
    • 4 modes to choose from, Story, Showdown, PvP (support up to 3 players) and Co-op



    The game will be released in 2019 on an unspecified date, however, fans can pre-register on their website for both iOS and Android.

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