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    Valkyria Chronicles is Now Available in the Nintendo eShop

    Experience the Legend of Squad 7 on a Nintendo Platform for the First Time!
    The story of Welkin Gunther of Gallia, and the rest of the legendary Squad 7 is one of the best ever told and it is coming to the Nintendo Switch Platform. Valkyria Chronicles is now available on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99 (RM83.10). Whether fans are revisiting the first tale of Valkyria Chronicles or are new to the series, the beautiful cell-shaded graphics and the convenience of Nintendo Switch, makes the gaming experience for Valkyria Chronicles a blast!
    Furthermore, players who own Valkyria Chronicles 4 through the Nintendo eShop will automatically receive a 25% discount when they purchase Valkyria Chronicles. This promotion will run from the game’s launch until December 17, 2018.


    -Valkyria Chronicles on the Go – Command your troops wherever you go with the versatility and portability of the Nintendo Switch.

    The Full Valkyria Chronicles Experience – All DLC from the original release of Valkyria Chronicles is included in the base package.

    -A War Fought on Two Fronts – Taking place during the Second Europan War, the same conflict featured in the upcoming Valkyria Chronicles 4, Valkyria Chronicles follows the story of Lieutenant Welkin Gunther of Squad 7 as they fight to repel the invasion of the East Europan Imperial Alliance.

    -CANVAS Aesthetics and BLiTZ Combat – Fall in love with the unique features of the Valkyria series; the stunning hand-drawn watercolor aesthetics of the CANVAS shader combined with the innovative tactical BLiTZ battle system make for an unforgettable gameplay experience.

    -A Legendary Series Needs a Legendary Composer – Series composer Hitoshi Sakimoto brings the battlefield to life with an unforgettable, expertly-crafted soundtrack.


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