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    Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space Developer Diary

    Wright Flyer Studios or currently known as WFS, has recently released an interview video for their upcoming free to play JRPG game Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space. This first diary features an interview with Takahito Exa (art director) and character designer Shinwoo Choi sharing the concept of the art direction itself and 3D character models direction.


    First impressions of it give a similar vibe to Chrono Trigger (especially the frog character) but it seems to be charting a path of its own with the unique 2D characters in a semi-3D landscape.

    Another Eden is currently available for Android and iOS in Japan and will follow up soon up with a Western release (US, Canada, and Australia) and Asia on January 28, 2019. For our previous coverage on this game, check out our link here.

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