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    Another Eden Crossover With Tales Of Symphonia, Tales Of Arise Now Available

    Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space launches a new crossover event with Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Arise simultaneously worldwide. In celebration of the permanently available collaboration, developer and publisher Wright Flyer Studios kicks off a special campaign where players can receive up to 4,000 Chronos Stones through Wednesday, January 11th.

    While the crossover event is a permanent addition to the game, a series of limited-time rewards offering up to 4000 Chronos Stones begin now. New players can start playing at any point before Wednesday, January 11th to earn 1000 Chronos Stones, and all players can earn another 1000 Chronos Stones by starting Symphony: Crown of the Pale Dawn. Earn 100 Chronos Stones by logging in each day, up from the standard 20, until Sunday, January 8th. Find a treasure chest containing Green Key x4 and Red Key x2 in the Spacetime Rift each day until Wednesday, January 4th.

    Experience a story featuring Tales of Symphonia protagonists Lloyd and Colette and Tales of Arise protagonists Alphen and Shionne, the first time the latter two protagonists have appeared in another game. Called out from a faraway universe, the heroes from another world encounter a girl who could be the key to humanity’s salvation as they face the question: “Can we live in a world without pain?” Complete Symphony: Crown of the Pale Dawn to unlock the four heroes for use in other chapters of the game.

    Play with new mechanics inspired by the collaboration titles, such as Concerto Artes, special combo attacks that can be activated by certain character combinations. Search for burrowing owls throughout the campaign to discover hidden treasure. Get to know the characters, including other series characters like Genis, Zelos, Rinwell, and Dohalim, through fully-voiced “Skit” conversations with branching dialogue choices.

    Legendary anime studio Production I.G produced the opening animation for “Symphony: Crown of the Pale Dawn.” KANKAKU PIERO, who wrote the opening theme for Tales of Arise, returns with a new opening theme for the crossover.

    Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space and the Symphony: Crown of the Pale Dawn collaboration are now available on Steam for PC, iOS via the App Store, and Android via Google Play.

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