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    Mobile: First look at Farm Punks

    Created in collaboration by Noodlecake and Sleeping Giant, a launcher roller type of mobile game Farm Punks with a mix of a farming sim. Check out it’s rolling game play trailers below:


    Here’s more gameplay video provided by Puzzlegamesolver:


    Keep it rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

    The premise of this game is simple, launch a variety of fruits from a hilltop cannon and navigate your fruits as it rolls down the hill while avoiding obstacles that may damage your fruit. As you roll down, you will pick up health refills, ride various vehicles provided to reach a food stand to sell your fruit. The money earned increases as you gain more distances urging you to explore the risk/reward mechanic in the game.

    It has been launched softly via Google Play for Canada, New Zealand, Phillippines and Ireland while pre-orders have been set up for both iOS App Store and Google Play Store with an expected rolling release on May 30th, 2019.


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