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    Monitoring them can make you go nuts literally! NUTS comes to Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch and Steam

    Publisher Noodlecake and indie developer behind the visually striking, single-player adventure NUTS are excited to announce that it will be releasing on Nintendo Switch and Steam on February 4th following its initial release on Apple Arcade on January 22nd. Trailer below:

    Gear up your caravan, spread out your map and head for the depths of Melmoth Forest, where you’ll track the movements of native squirrels. Where do they go? What do they do? And why is it that they behave so strangely? Explore the forest. Record the squirrels. Report your findings… and uncover the secret at the very heart of the forest.

    Your mission briefing will give you a starting point, but it’ll be on you to determine the optimal layout for your equipment through experimentation. Explore the wonders and mysteries of the enigmatic Melmoth Forest at your ease during daytime.

    Game features:

    • Experiment to determine the optimal layout for your observation equipment and capture the behaviors of Melmoth’s squirrels.
    • Enjoy an intimate, immersive story with full voice acting.
    • Take in the bold visuals and foley sound effects that envelop you in a vibrant forest.
    • Get to WorkYou’re a tiny cog in the ever-grinding machinery of Viago University’s research efforts. You’ve been sent on assignment to live alone in a dinky caravan in Melmoth Forest. Your job? To figure out where the native squirrels nest and what mysterious business they get up to.

    You can check out the game on the Apple Arcade page here as it makes its debut in a few days.


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