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    Mobile – Aurora Legend: Fire God Awaken Event Kicks Off Today!

    Fire God Awakens!

    Aurora Legend players will greet the Fire God Awaken event starting today with three new recruitable heroes, Adrian, Lilith, and Lanakhasia. The event will be running from June 7 to June 27, 23.59 PDT.

    Adrian, One of the Recruitable Heroes in Fire God Awaken Event.

    Key details of the event.

    Phoenix Awaken–Event quest:

    1. It has 4 stages and would proceed on the build points of Flame Island.
    2. Phoenix Adventure’s appearing and disappearing separately marks the beginning and completion of each stage. Quests would grant participants Hero Token for deploying heroes in Fire God Arena’s battle.
    3. Boss fight: Before entering the final arena stage,participants will fight the Phoenix Boss. The Dark Lord will then appear and announce the coming of the final arena stage for those who are ranked in winning times. Participants of each server having the most consecutive winning record at this stage will achieve the exclusive title “Flame Disciple”
    Lilith, One of the Recruitable Heroes in Fire God Awaken Event.

    Fire God Arena:
    It contains two forms: Real-time Battle form and Friendly Match form.

    Participants would be paired with cross-server opponents and will be able to communicate with them on the exclusive chat channel.

    1. Battle form: Participants need to pay Hero Token for deploying heroes. You need to own at least 3 heroes (corresponding Hero Tokens + Universal Hero Tokens >125) to join a battle.

      You will get Shop Token rewards for both victory and defeat. You have 3 chances of losing for each round of Arena Match. The round will end early if you lose 3 times. Win as many battles as you can before a round ends to get more bonus rewards in the final tally.

    2. Friendly Match form: Seek the Friendly Manager in Fire God Arena to start this match. Friendly Match applies cross-server matching so your opponent may come from another server.

      You will get the first-win reward for the first victory every day. The later friendly battles won’t grant any other rewards. While this activity doesn’t cost anything, it’s opening time is, however, limited.

    Lanakhasia, One of the Recruitable Heroes in Fire God Awaken Event.

    Aurora Legend is a free-to-play mobile game, available via both the App Store and Google Play.

    Fans looking for more information on the game can visit;

    Official website:






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