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    Marvel’s Spider-Man: 2nd DLC Turf War

    Revealed in Patch 1.10, a small prompt on the main menu shows a new release date for Marvel’s Spider-Man’s next DLC “Turf Wars”. It includes a short description stating as “Butt heads with Hammerhead in the new DLC, The City That Never Sleeps: Turf Wars”.

    A Reddit user by the name of macredblue states that the DLC will take up an estimated 5GB worth of space which is double from previous DLC The Heist which was 2.2 GB. As usual, those who have purchased digital deluxe or collector’s editions will have free access to the DLC’s. However for those who haven’t, each DLC costs $9.99 USD (estimated RM 41.68) individually.

    The DLC will be out on November 20, 2018, followed up with the last DLC Silver Lining on December 2018.

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