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    Switch: Gris, a gorgeous indie game has a release date

    As previously reported, Indie developer Nomada Studio and publisher Devolver Digital revealed a narrative-driven platforming game called GRIS with a colourful bang showing off its water-colour based visuals and interesting platforming designs. If you haven’t watched its trailer yet, be prepared to have your minds blown below:

    A quiet dreamlike world

    You play as Gris whom loses her voice, sets out to retrieve it back through musical dreamlike surreal landscapes. Although she can’t die, she will develop abilities and challenging puzzles along the way.

    Nomada Studio mentions that they will expect players to dive in for a few hours to complete this game as it is well paced and will offer a beautiful experience to boot.

    The game will be launched on December 13, 2018, for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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