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    Main Highlights In Xbox Games Showcase 2024

    Rise players and jump into play as this month’s Xbox Games Showcase 2024 serves up a major array of interesting game trailers to feast our eyes on what is to come. Here are some of the trailers that really caught our attention and should be wishlisted and noted for future reference.

    If army ads comes with boomerang shields and dragon riding – sign me up as DOOM: The Dark Ages is a single-player action FPS that tells the epic cinematic origin story of the DOOM Slayer’s rage.

    You are the DOOM Slayer, the legendary demon-killing warrior and the super weapon in this never-before-seen dark and sinister medieval war against Hell.

    This reminds me so much of Deus Ex:Machina game that I wanted to play as a follow up as you follow agent Joanna Dark as she hunts down the world’s most wanted criminal, Daniel Carrington, to uncover the mysteries that threaten the lives of millions.

    JRPG or specifically turn-based combat is not dead, not by a long shot as this trailer spark new hope of advancement in the genre with the main plot stated as ‘Lead the Expedition on a desperate adventure to destroy the Paintress before she erases the last survivors of humanity in the stunning new RPG Clair Obscur: Expedition 33.’

    Explore a world of wonders inspired by Belle Époque France and battle unique enemies in this turn-based RPG with real-time mechanics.

    Whip me back into nostalgia as players prepare to embark on an epic, globetrotting adventure in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. Become the legendary archaeologist and face off against sinister forces as you fight to uncover the truth behind one of history’s greatest mysteries.

    It looks to be the next Skyrim with a more magical casting approach in freezing and breaking the enemy’s body in large AOE glory.

    Explore the Living Lands, a mysterious island filled with adventure and danger. As an envoy of Aedyr, you are sent to investigate rumors of a spreading plague with a secret that threatens to destroy everything.

    Can you save the island and your soul from the forces threatening to tear them apart? Play Day One with Xbox Game Pass or Wishlist now.

    It plays and feels like Zone Of The Enders which it is also a multiplayer game that allows players to choose from a variety of mechas, customize their appearances, and battle colossal war machines on treacherous terrain. Get ready for the ultimate showdown—blitz, brawl, blaze.

    This is another form of nostalgic game based on a mixtape of memories, set to the soundtrack of a generation.

    Players will immerse themselves in the teenage wasteland by playing through a mixtape of joyful gameplay, from skateboarding and flying to taking photos after hours at an abandoned theme park, hitting baseballs, and putting on a fireworks show from the backseat of a car. It’s the greatest hits of teenage friendship, from the first kiss to the last dance.

    FragPunk is a fast-paced 5v5 hero shooter with a twist by using cards as power-ups that change the rules of combat such as altering the environment for better hiding spots or making enemies’ heads to be bigger for that easy peasy headshot.

    Choose your hero, tweak your weapon loadout, and pick from a selection of cards that change every round to gain the upper hand against your opponents

    For more tidbits of what was announced, checkout the listing below:

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