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    Last Moon’s Demo Is Available Now On Steam

    Last Moon, the action RPG from French indie developers Sköll Studio, appeared at the PC Gaming Show in tandem with the release of its demo. The demo, now available on Steam, features both the start of the game and local co-op mode. You can watch the new trailer below.


    Last Moon is an action RPG that pays homage to the classics of the 90s. Step into the shoes of a Lunar Knight and traverse a vast ruined world, confront tainted creatures, and upgrade your abilities in your quest to restore peace.

    Explore a living world with day/night cycles impacting the environment and the bestiary. Dodge, block and slay corrupted creatures with tightly tuned controls to deliver the best possible gaming experience.

    Become more powerful by unlocking skills, upgrading powers, and choosing your playstyle. Local co-op will allow players to embark on this journey with a friend anytime, and the environmental puzzles will adapt to test your team spirit.


    • Play your own way, solo or with a friend: Choose among 8 weapons, more than 30 runes, 10 summoning spells and learn up to 70 skills to match your playstyle. Play alone or with a friend in local co-op to live this great adventure together.
    • A huge bestiary: Face more than 50 unique monsters created by the Lunar Corruption! The giant If is invaded by all sorts of corrupted creatures and huge bosses, you will have to fight to restore peace.
    • A unique and hand-crafted world: Feel the wind through the foliage, explore winding, interconnected paths, and discover unique environments with lovely, cute, and charismatic characters.
    • Become a part of Selene Village: Save the Selene villagers from corruption, and help them to rebuild the village and bring peace back.

    Last Moon will be available in 2025. The demo is available on Steam now. To stay updated about the game you can add it to your wishlist or follow the studio account on X.

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