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    LYN: The Lightbringer – Worldwide Pre-Registration Starts Now for iOS and Android.

    Following the release in Australia, Malaysia, and the Philippines on January 25 as reported by us earlier, LYN: The Lightbringer by NEXON Korea Corporation is now available for worldwide pre-registration on Android and iPhone.


    LYN is a collaboration between acclaimed illustrator Jeong Juno (Lineage 2) and publisher Nexon. All playable characters were designed and hand-drawn by Jeong Juno before converted to in-game 3D-rendered models. The game boasts a rich and dynamic world filled with unique personalities with deep backstories. LYN’s latest features include:


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    Engaging Combat – LYN’s unprecedented control scheme allows for crisp and tight player movement in battle, allowing for epic chain combination attacks. Players can test their battle fortitude online in challenging PvP matches with players around the world;


    Elegant Graphics – Acclaimed illustrator Jeong Juno handcrafted each player model, creating detailed character models for players to enjoy. Riveting cutscenes offer cinematic action that helps immerse players within the blockbuster story;



    Massive Story Mode – The deep and engrossing story mode glues players to their seats as they explore unique character stories, haunting environments, interact with a dynamic world and navigate through a series of unexpected twists and turns;


    Diverse GameplayLYN offers several game modes aside from the marquee story mode, such as:

    • Arena and Rank Blitz – Players battle in head-to-head in ranked PvP matches to determine competitive supremacy;
    • Boss Raids – Join forces with players around the world to defeat menacing Raid Bosses;
    • Dragona Ruins – Explore daily dungeons to earn rare and valuable in-game treasure;
    • Altar of Heroes – Recruit powerful heroes by challenging, battling and defeating them in single combat;
    • Time Rift – Players can flesh out the captivating backstories of the characters they encounter.



    The LYN: The Lightbringer is now available for a worldwide pre-registration on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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