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    NEXON’s Konosuba: Fantastic Days! Original Anime Character ‘Vanir’ Update

    NEXON Korea Corp has announced an update featuring the original anime character Vanir for the mobile gacha RPG KonoSuba: Fantastic Days!

    First appearing in the original anime, Vanir makes his entrance in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days! as a Duke of Hell and former general of the Devil King. This new playable character is well-known by fans due to his frequent appearances in the game’s stories and events. Clad in a unique mask, Vanir is a demon with the power to see the past, future and even into the thoughts of others. He loves to inspire negative feelings in those around him for his own enjoyment.

    In celebration of the update, Nexon will feature new Festival characters 4★ Vanir (Duke of Hell), 3★ Vanir (Punishing Pose), 4★ Megumin (Legendary Adventurer) and 4★ Wiz (Legendary Adventurer) for the “Vanir Joins the Battle! Recruit” until Thursday, Dec. 22. Also available throughout the same period will be the Multi battle, “A Dungeon for This Masked Demon!,” where players can participate to defeat the Event Boss three times and receive a 3★ Vanir (Perfect Dungeon).

    Meanwhile, to celebrate 500 days of service, Nexon’s KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is planning to award players with different items based on login date until Friday, Dec. 23 such as the “500-Day Celebration Weapon Selection Ticket,” “500-Day Celebration Jewelry Selection Ticket,” “Cat Ear Relief (x2),” “Skill Potions,” an assortment of upgrade materials and much more.

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