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    Loot River Dev Walkthrough Video Details Weapons & Loot In Anticipated ‘Dark Souls Meets Tetris’ Roguelike with the support of SUPERHOT PRESENTS, has released a new developer walkthrough video for their anticipated ‘Dark Souls meets Tetris’ action roguelike Loot River, coming to PC and Xbox this year. The video gives insights into weapons and loots that players can find while exploring the game’s fantasy-inspired procedurally-generated labyrinths, and gives some tantalizing examples of how they can be combined to create fun and powerful builds. You’ll need them if you are to survive unforgiving dungeons populated with bestial abominations!


    In Loot River, players are able to harness the power of the Relic to shift the ground beneath them, sliding around on the floating pieces of ruined landscapes. These Tetris-like blocks can be slotted together to solve spatial exploration puzzles and employed creatively as a tool in combat to manipulate enemies and control the space in which your battles take place. As players venture through these endless catacombs, they’ll encounter a cursed array of tough enemies, lost travellers, and epic bosses. The wealth of new weapons, gear, and unholy knowledge you can unearth for permanent upgrades will be crucial to help you get further with each run.

    Drawn to shards of an unholy relic, wandering nomads have found themselves in a perpetual cycle of life and death, losing their sanity as they journey through endless parallel realities, devouring each other to absorb the knowledge of their fellow travellers. No two journeys are ever the same as countless lost souls float through the Loot River.

    The enthusiasm and interest everyone has shown towards Loot River since we announced it has been incredible – We wanted to reward that by giving players a closer look at the game’s weapons and loot with this new video. I can’t wait to be able to give you more information soon on when you can finally get your hands on this gear yourself on Xbox and PC!

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