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    Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation 4 Slim Revealed

    Gran Turismo Sport Playstation 4 is shiny.

    A ‘vroom’ announcement was made on August 22, 2017 of a Limited Edition Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation 4 console in the European PlayStation blog. This is expected to launch on October 18, 2017 across Asia, U.K, Europe and Australia.


    This slim PlayStation 4 design has 2 tones of color which are silver (Top) and black (bottom) with the GT logo at the middle, giving it a slick sporty look. Moreover, it comes with a matching silver controller etched with a GT logo in the middle of the touchpad.

    The bundle includes Gran Turismo Sport Game itself, a racing helmet, PlayStation 4 avatars, in-game credits (250,000 credits) and more.

    No announcement for North America release at this point of time. Stay tuned.

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