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    Lapis x Labyrinth- Adventurer’s Trailer

    Or dubbed as “So You Want to Be An Adventurer” trailer released by NIS America. Their upcoming game, Lapis x Labyrinth is all about stacking different skilled warriors together into a running amok against hordes of enemies.


    Gather comrades and stack up to bring in the pain!

    • Wacky 8 characters to choose from Hunter, Necromancer, Shielder, gunner, and all the way to Maids?!
    • Each character has their own style of moves and function
    • Customizable characters before setting them out for aesthetic purposes, nutrition or equipment needs
    • Stack up to 4 characters for unity or swapping to bring in different attacks
    • Rack up points to unleash Fever Mode! for more loots during and after the level


    Lapis x Labyrinth is stacking itself for release under PlayStation 4 and Switch on May 28, 2019, in North America, followed up by May 31, 2019, for Europe.


    For our previous coverage on the game, click on our provided link below:

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