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    Lapis x Labyrinth release for PlayStation and Switch

    NIS America has officially announced the release date of Lapis x Labyrinth for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game will be released in North America on May 28, Europe on May 31, Australia and New Zealand on June 7. The game will have Japanese audio and English text.

    Key Features:
    The Power of DangoSelect between 8 unique character classes to build your party, from the mighty Destroyer to the swift Hunter! Stack up to 4 characters and swap between them to unleash different attacks, or make a united assault against your enemies!

    FEVER TIMERack up the points and stack up the riches by unleashing Fever Mode! Defeat enough enemies to activate a special mode that rains pain upon your foes and showers you with tons of loot! This contributes to your score at the end of each level, which results in even MORE rewards! Huzzah!

    What’s Reward Without Risk?Powerful fiends and hordes of ferocious creatures stand between you and the treasure. With over 100 different monsters lurking within the labyrinth, you’ll have your work cut out for you!


    Seek "quality" and "perfection" when gaming, no matter what class/heroes he use, will master it and always and always will be in front line of battle which lead to 2 outcome: alive (showing off how great he is), dead (noob that why, laugh by team mates) every heroes/item/weapons he use eventually become memes or nerf by developers. (mercy, hanzo) happy go lucky and freedom is all he seek.

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