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    Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, a rhythmic twist for the familiar franchise!

    Let the power of music lead you to the worlds contained inside memories.
    Guided by melody, visit different worlds with your Gummi Ship. In each world, relive memories as you collect Rhythm Points. Square Enix has once again awarded us with a joyous new addition to the ever-growing Kingdom Hearts family. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory acts as some sort of a continuation to the latest game, adding a musical celebration, while also expanding on the story of Kairi.

    Choose between Team Classic and Team Days, both of which have distinct characters to play with. Melody of Memory will feature many characters from the KINGDOM HEARTS
    series as playable characters. Once teams other than Team Classic have been unlocked, you can switch between them at any time.

    Coordinate your button sequences with the targets that flow down the screen. Depending on the timing, you will receive an EXCELLENT, GOOD, or MISS rating. Getting a MISS will cause the HP gauge in the bottom right of the screen to decrease and lead to a Game Over if it reaches zero. Avoid MISS ratings to achieve a high score!

    In Track Selection mode, you can change the button controls by choosing from one of the following three play styles.

    • Basic Style
      A playstyle with standard controls, using multiple buttons.
    • One Button Style
      A play style in which all actions can be performed with a single button.
      Recommended for players who want to concentrate on the rhythm without worrying about the controls.
    • Performer Style
      A play style that uses more buttons than usual, providing players with a challenge. A good recommendation for seasoned veterans of the genre with more complex controls and button combinations.


    The World Tour Awaits!

    In World Tour, you can travel through the worlds of memory, collecting songs and story movies. There are three difficulties: Beginner, Standard, and Proud. Choose whichever difficulty you prefer. Songs unlocked in World Tour can be played in Track Selection, and story movies can be re-watched at any time in the Museum.

    There are multiple stage types players can encounter in the game. With each type having its own unique style and rhythm to it, players are treated to well-made animations, music, and environments that suit the situation.


    Field Battles

    Defeat enemies in time with the rhythm, running along the top of a musical
    score. Attack enemies with various actions, including abilities and mid-air attacks, as
    you run through a backdrop of past memories.


    Memory Dive

    Dive into memorable cutscenes and music videos. Press the buttons in time with the targets to feel in sync with and immersed in the movie.


    Boss Battles

    Enter target commands to the music to defeat powerful boss characters. Dodge special attacks by hitting targets shrouded in an aura of darkness.

    Players can also engage in either local( Nintendo Switch only) or online battles if that’s what they fare on doing. Compete for the highest score using Tricks to interfere with your opponent and make them lose their streaks!

    There is also a free-for-all battle mode where up to 8 players can compete against each other in a Field Battle. This mode uses the Nintendo Switch™ Local Communication feature to connect with friends nearby. Players drop out after getting a set amount of MISS ratings, and the player with the highest score at the end wins.

    You can also enjoy a good Co-op session with a friend using multiple controllers. One player controls Sora, and the other controls the other available player which is Riku. Synchronize your attacks and button combinations to achieve a high score together!

    Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will be out for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on 11th November 2020. For more information regarding the game, you can visit their Facebook page for any new updates.

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