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    Iron Harvest coming to consoles!

    Publisher Deep Silver has recently signed a deal to publish King Art Games, upcoming RTS (real time strategy) game Iron Harvest for current gen consoles. Video of gameplay and trailer below courtesy of Star4KGames:



    An RTS set in an alternate1920

    After the end of World War 1, farmers found resources of barbed wire, weapons and bullets with shrapnels while ploughing through their field, they called it the Iron Harvest.


    Key tactical features below:

    • Lead many unit types into the battle, utilize cover and blast your way into victory.
    • This game comes with mechs, Nuff said
    • With over 20 missions over 3 campaigns, join 9 heroes with unique abilities and their companions all across Europe.
    • You can either team up or play solo, while setup skirmishes and multiplayer matches as well
    • It comes with competitive multiplayer, ranked matches, and leagues
    • There will be 3 diverse factions with over 40 unit types
    • Conquer resources points, build and expand your base with fortifications for further unit production and research


    No details on the release date yet but it is confirmed for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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