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    Azur Lane: Crosswave – Basics of Battles Overview Trailer

    Compile Heart has released a new video on the basics of battles for their upcoming naval RPG Azur Lane: Crosswave, check out the video below courtesy of Dissection Jogando:


    In the overview of the video features:

    • Players get to swap between 3 characters
    • Free movement and free control over your character
    • Battle will be based on shooting and dodging enemies attacks
    • Raise your level or test out your equipment or formation on lower tier enemies

    Current Game modes confirmed in the official page:

    • Story Mode– with events, conversations and battles occurred with rewards on the ocean with scenario progressions
    • Extreme Battle Mode– Offering the highest tier of enemies with higher value of equipment’s
    • Photo Mode- offers photo for 3D characters while positioning 3 characters on the free stages with poses
    • Episode Mode- unlocks and view events unfold by meeting certain conditions or criteria. All events will be fully voiced


    Azur Lane: Crosswave will be releasing its torpedoes on PlayStation 4 in August 2019 for Japan

    For more on our previous coverage, click on the link below:

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    Azur Lane: Crosswave overview trailer


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