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    Introducing Arani – A tribal inspired hack and slash

    A new alpha game play trailer surfaced recently for a game called Arani, developed by Diorama Studios a Brazilian based game studio. Even from just alpha footage the first impression it gives out is already very interesting as it does give out a similar vibe as Heavenly Blade or Horizon Zero Dawn, with its hack and slash gameplay oozing with tribal based designs. Take a look:


    The evil adversaries players will be facing looks to be zombies with tribal like influnces as evident from the encounter with what seems to be a zombie boss.

    Some of the concept art for the game

    Storyline and Music

    You play as Arani herself, one of the bravest warriors in the Sun Tribe, while on her journey of self discovery to hone and master her fighting abilities to save her people from an ancient mythological power.

    Based on findings from Diorama’s Facebook profile, the songs are actually made by a band called “Arandu Arakuaa” a Brazilian folk metal band which are heavily inspired by indigenous legends and rite. For now there is no further announcement on the release date and which consoles it will be releasing for as it is still in development. Hopefully more will be revealed soon and we here at Bunnygaming will definitely keep an eye out.

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