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    Introducing Bō, A New Hand-Drawn Metroidvania Based On Japanese Folklore

    Squid Shock Studios teases a Metroidvania 2D adventure platformer titled Bō, hand-drawn with elements of Japanese folklore resembling a game like Okami. Armed with a legendary bō staff to bounce through a delightful aesthetic demonic East Asian fever dream.

    Gameplay Info

    Playing the game requires fluid jumping, bouncing, and aerial/acrobatic movements and combat, which is taken to a new level of flow and complexity. When the platforms and enemies become more varied and unpredictable, chaos ensues.

    • Merging both hand-drawn animation and bright atmospheric scenery which makes the experience wondrously novel. Beautiful hand-drawn and immersive areas and landscapes with traditional Japanese-inspired trimmings.
    • Bō feels amazing to control and players will feel great agency as they enter a flow state navigating the challenging platforming challenges.
    • Explore an interconnected world from haunted bathhouses to a thriving Japanese-inspired metropolis.
    • Unlock powerful new abilities! Brew and drink arcane teas to unlock Bō’s shapeshifting staff abilities. Including Mochi Mallet, Blossom Dash, and Grappling Gun.
    • Daruma doll sidekicks! Collect daruma dolls throughout your journey to tune your abilities and give you advantages (or even disadvantages) in unique ways. All daruma dolls begin with 1 eye filled in. They can be upgraded to a 2-eyed daruma that enhances the original daruma’s perk.
    • A large cast of bizarre and adorable yokai (monsters from Japanese folklore) as well as original characters based on Japanese cultural archetypes.
    • Epic Boss Battles! On your journey, you will encounter many massive monsters based on Japanese folklore.

    Bō is planned for a Steam and Nintendo Switch release as more details will be revealed later on February 1st, 2022 ahead of its Kickstarter launch.

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