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    A dream of becoming Admiral, Her Majesty’s Ship docks on Nintendo Switch this September 15th

    Her Majesty’s Ship, a game developed by Every Single Soldier, and publishing by Ultimate Games S.A. which that allows player to manage a military sailing ship and participate in 18th-century naval battles, will be available for Nintendo Switch on September 15th.

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    The player becomes a British navy captain, who must both take care of the ship and crew, and carry out the command’s orders. In the main story mode, the goal is to achieve your dream rank: Admiral of the Fleet. The creators focused on clear 2.5D graphics full of bright colours. The game itself is played in real-time, which requires focus and quick reactions.

    “Every Single Soldier’s game transports us back to the fascinating realities of the 18th century, when the struggle for dominance on the seas and oceans was basically even more significant than today. What’s more, these were times when not only oceanic powers, but also pirates engaged in naval battles. Naturally, Her Majesty’s Ship doesn’t lack these themes, but managing the crew and taking care of our ship’s condition is also very important”

    Rafał Jelonek – COO at Ultimate Games S.A.

    As Rafał Jelonek stresses out, this strategic/economic British navy ship simulator offers a unique approach to the subject. In Her Majesty’s Ship key importance is placed on – apart from naval battles – managing the crew’s morale and skills, as well as all matters related to the ship’s supplies and condition.

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    • career in the navy
    • warship management
    • exciting naval battles
    • extensive story mode
    • 18th-century setting

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