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    Animal Shelter Simulator Debuts On PS4 And PS5

    Animal Shelter Simulator is a game by the Polish studio Games Incubator, which first debuted on PC back in March 2022. The percentage of positive reviews on the Steam platform is currently 84% (based on over 1,500 player reviews). The simulator was later released on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

    Ultimate Games S.A. is responsible for the preparation and release of the game for PlayStation 4. As part of backward compatibility, the title also works on PlayStation 5. Gameplay in Animal Shelter Simulator includes various activities related to running and managing a shelter for dogs and cats. The main goal is to take care of four-legged pets and to search for the best homes for them. The creators have prepared a system under which each animal has its own individual characteristics, and detailed indicators determine their condition and well-being.

    In Animal Shelter Simulator players will find, among others, a construction mode that allows them to plan space and expand the hostel with additional buildings and elements. The simulator also requires taking care of the finances of the shelter, and in free moments the player can, for example, organize photo sessions for their four-legged pupils.

    Main Features:

    • the operation and management of an animal shelter;
    • making four-legged friends happy;
    • dogs and cats;
    • care, fun, and photo sessions;
    • development and expansion of the shelter.
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