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    Hellpoint – Kicking your ass in space. Yet another Dark Souls like game.

    Another ‘Dark Souls’ liked-game has come to town. Take my word for it, based on their description about the game cataclysm when they first announced this game, you will see that it’s definitely a Dark Souls game, but in space. Take a look at the trailer below announced by developer Cradle Games:


    You start out as a ghoul character (Very original right!), set in a dark sci-fi RPG construct.

    should name it Dead souls, or Dark Space..

    In this game, you uncover conspiracies involving rituals or scientific experiments that went wrong in an Irid Novo Space colony. Craft weapons and gain special skills to handle your fight against daemons and deep space creatures. Multiplayer options are available for players to play with or against real players.

    Set for release in 2019, for current Gen consoles Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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