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    Classic ‘Golden-Era’ JRPG Homage ‘Sky Oceans: Wings For Hire’ Reveals All-New Gameplay Trailer

    PQube & Octeto Studios showcase brand new gameplay for the classic ‘golden-era of JRPGs’ homage Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire as part of today’s Guerrilla Collective Showcase. Coming to Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X & Nintendo Switch this year.

    Set in the open skies, experience adrenaline-filled turn-based dogfights as you take the role of captain and unite a party of rag-tag sky pirates setting upon an unforgettable, touching journey.

    Be among the first to get your hands on Sky Oceans: Wings For Hire with an all-new demo at Steam Summer Next Fest, on June 10th.

    • Relive a Golden Era of Classic JRPGs with a touching, heartfelt narrative about the search for purpose & building friendships that last a lifetime.
    • Become Captain of a Rag-tag Crew of Sky Pirates! – As head of your crew, you must recruit new members & secure enough resources for your fleet!
    • Stylistic, Strategic Turn-Based Dog-Fights! – Tactically plan attacks and adapt your strategy as you clash with adversaries in the open blue skies!
    • Gather Resources & Upgrade Your Airships! – Upgrade your crew with new special abilities as you progress through a winding narrative! Manage resources and expand your airship departments as new characters join your band of pirates.
    • A Beautiful Ghibli-Esque World, Filled With Wonder – Stunning Japanese animation inspired visuals make for diverse environments and memorable character design. Discover new towns and cultures, and help solve local problems to gain their support and loyalty.
    • Original Orchestral Soundtrack – A beautifully orchestrated original soundtrack accompanies you along your journey.
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