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    Grab Your Pickaxe And Conquer The Depths Of Tactical RPG ‘Forgotten Mines’ When It Lands On PC Next Year

    Brazilian studio Cannibal Goose is teaming up with Ishtar Games, Nacon’s indie publishing arm, to launch Forgotten Mines on PC next year. Embark on an epic adventure through this tactical RPG with rogue-lite elements, seamlessly blending strategic combat and exploration with the unpredictability of rogue-lite gameplay. Light a torch, get comfortable, and watch the brand-new trailer for Forgotten Mines.

    Unleash the dwarven fury in Forgotten Mines, as you lead the charge against goblins, orcs, skeletons, and demons to reclaim the long-lost mines. Your people were forced out, but now it’s time to forge a path of vengeance and redemption. Prepare for an epic battle to restore your heritage and bring glory back to the dwarven realm.

    Key Features

    • Procedurally generated rooms demand optimized strategies within limited turns
    • Diverse character classes and vast equipment options offer customization
    • Uncover rare gear and legendary artifacts for powerful synergies
    • Nostalgic old-school graphics create a captivating and rewarding experience
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