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    Wager Against Witches In Poker RPG “All In Abyss: Judge The Fake” Coming To PC In 2024

    All In Abyss: Judge The Fake, the Texas Hold’em adventure RPG developed by WSS Playground and published by Alliance Arts, goes all-in on development, coming to PC via Steam in 2024 as revealed during INDIE Live Expo.

    About the game

    For Asuha, the self-proclaimed gambling genius, Chinchirorin, Mahjong, and Pachinko have become too easy to enjoy…but what about Texas Hold’em? While seeking a new challenge, she stumbles upon a secret gambling district where wicked witches use their powers to tilt the odds in their favor.

    Can a poker prodigy topple a gambling town full of devious dealers? After suffering her first-ever defeat at the unscrupulous hand of Uru Kanmino and hitting rock bottom, she sets her sights on rising to the top of this new realm. Engage in one-on-one high-stakes Hold’em and confidently up the ante with a repertoire of special skills, abilities, and items to force rivals into bankruptcy.

    Know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em with Asuha’s special vision powers to gain the upper hand. Assess the stakes, then stack the deck and call bluffs or go all-in when the stars align.

    Unveil the tactical trickery behind the witches’ house advantage by exploring the gambling district between tournaments. Search for clues to learn the truth behind their tricks, then turn the tables and hit the ultimate jackpot by exposing their fraud and achieving victory.

    All In Abyss: Judge The Fake arrives on PC via Steam in 2024 with language options in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean.

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